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Phone My Friend is a safe
confidential “listening & befriending” service

listening befriending service when you need a friend

By calling or via online chat with Phone My Friend you are one step closer to feeling less lonely and making a new friend in the process!  Call or text from any of the “Call me here” buttons.

I am excited to get to know you!

My story …

  • I actively listen as you share your day
  • I acknowledge without judgement
  • I accept all religions and beliefs
  • I encourage you to share your dreams

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  • You feel less lonely when you can text or call
  • You feel safe knowing your stories are confidential
  • You make a new trusted friend in the process

Call for friendship here

Call for friendship here


So what is your story?  

Call/Text from any “call me here” button!



My name is Claire and I am an ordained minister that welcomes all religions and belief systems! Phone My Friend is a confidential over the phone befriending and listening service for anybody that is lonely or just looking for a friend.